Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit
Astro Base Essentials Kit

Astro Base Essentials Kit

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Make high resolution maps with Astro and 61 megapixel Sony camera. Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Product Details

Astro is Freefly’s compact industrial drone platform.

Freefly understands the need for quality tools. For more than 10 years Freefly aircraft have carried cinema cameras for Hollywood and high-end productions around the world. It carries valuable payloads in high-pressure situations. We also understand the need for flexibility. Astro’s interface specs are open, making it a flexible and reliable tool to get your new ideas in the air.

Each Astro Base Essentials Kit ships with what you need to get started with building out your imaging setup:


    • Pilot skill with Manual Mode is required for Emergency Procedures. Learn more
    • Astro uses two Freefly SL8-Air batteries per flight.
    • Works with RTK GPS Ground Station, through a user-supplied ground station computer (optional)
    • This Astro kit includes a payload for mapping: Freefly Mapping gimbal, a Sony Alpha 7R IVA and Sigma 24mm mapping lens and Vibration Isolator with Smart Dovetail (all assembled and ready to go)
    • LTE modem works in the United States only. Learn more
      • Astro Drone
        • Up to 37 minutes flight time. 
          • Typical flights with Mapping Payload are 25-32 minutes, depending on speed / conditions.
          • See Wiki for additional details
        • 1500 grams max payload 
        • Booms fold up to ½ the diameter
        • Vibration isolated payload attachment
        • Additional specs in the Astro wiki
      • Pilot Pro Controller
        • Freefly pilot controller
        • High resolution rockers for precise camera / gimbal control
        • Modular to accept a variety of radio transmitters
          • Herelink Radio (2.4 GHz)
          • Doodle Labs Radio or other NDAA compliant radio option coming next
        • Internal battery with external power inputs to support hot-swapping for maximum uptime
        • Emergency kill-switch
        • Discreet physical buttons for all key user actions
        • Uses custom configured, pre-installed Samsung tablet
        • Realtime drone and gimbal speed limits
        • Custom padded neck strap
      • Travel Case
        • Holds everything included with this bundle except for the Pilot Pro (which ships in its own case)
        • Removable battery tray holds up to 6 Freefly SuperLight batteries
        • Custom cut foam, tested to protect against drops from 1 meter
        • Removable/replaceable payload insert for Mapping Payload
        • Submersible and dust tight (MIL-STD 810G)
        • Airline checkable
        • Case dimensions: 31x24x15 inches / 79x61x38 cm
        • Weight of Astro Map in case (no batteries): 26.5 kg / 58.5 lbs
      • Batteries
        • SL8-Air Batteries
        • Astro uses two SL8-Air batteries per flight
        • Voltage: 21.6 V (6S)
        • Capacity: 7.3 Ah, 157 Wh
        • Weight: 2.25lbs
        • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
        • Auxiliary output: USB-C Power Delivery 
      • Chargers
        • SL8 Fast Charger
        • One charger charges one Freefly SL8-Air battery at a time
        • Approximate charge time for one SL8-Air battery, from 0%: 90 mins
        • Input: 100 / 240 VAC
        • Output: 200 Watts
        • Supplied with North America power cable (NEMA 1-15 ungrounded, Type A). 
          • Power cable is replaceable (IEC320 connector). 
      • Astro is designed and assembled in USA.
      • Qty 1 - Astro Travel Case with custom modular insert:
        • Qty 1 - Astro Base (with landing gear and props)
        • Qty 1 each - Hex drivers, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm
        • Qty 4 - Proptectors
        • Extra parts
          • Qty 1 - Extra Proptector
          • Qty 4 - Spare isolators
          • Qty 2 - Rubber hole grommet


      from $32,254.80

      SKU: multiple

      Astro Base Essentials Kit

      • Qty 1 - Astro Travel Case, including:
        • Qty 1 - Astro (with landing gear and props)
      • Qty 6 - SL8-Air Batteries (3 pairs)
      • Qty 4 - SL8 Fast Chargers
      • Qty 1 - Pilot Pro Controller (Herelink RF) in separate travel case


      RTK Ground Station

      Centimeter-level location accuracy with user-supplied ground station computer

      SL8-Air Batteries

      Battery with integrated BMS and an OLED display

      SL8 Fast Chargers

      200W charger for Freefly SL8 batteries


      Astro Training

      Astro Training

      Learn the basics and advanced skills on the Astro platform.

      From $1,000.00




      Drones can be dangerous and proper training will help increase the safety of your operations.

      Freefly strongly recommends you complete our manufacturer drone training program to ensure you understand the risks and safe operating practices associated with flying our drones.

      If you are a pro, and know what you are doing, carry on and fly safe and be sure to share your work with us!

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