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MōVI Wheels

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MōVI Wheels | Two Wheels | Stainless Steel


MōVI Wheels

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State-of-the-art wheel controller connecting cutting edge cinema robotics with classic controls.

Ships in 4-5 business days.

MōVI Wheels | Two Wheels | Stainless Steel


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Control at Every Turn

The MōVI Ecosystem has redefined what a small crew can accomplish in a day. With our new Wheels system, we simplify the combination of cutting edge cinema robots with classic controls.

Personalize your Setup

MōVI Wheels feature a modular, adjustable mounting system that allows the user to quickly position each wheel module for maximum comfort. Easily adjust wheel friction, gear ratios, and toggle wheel modules on the fly.

Precision meets Simplicity

MōVI Wheels are optimized to work seamlessly with the MōVI ecosystem. When you switch to wheels control, MōVI parameters automatically adjust to give the most connected, precise and repeatable feel possible.

Expandable Architecture

MōVI Wheels feature a high-speed CAN network that allows you to add up to 9 modules to the system—control Pan / Tilt / Roll / Focus / Iris / Zoom as well as just about any future control input in our robotics ecosystem.

Ecosystem you can Count On

The relationship between an operator and their controls is a sacred one. We’ve thought long and hard about the user interaction with this system to help the operator create stunning shots reliably. MōVI Wheels are built to be simple, robust, and a joy to use each and every time.

Product Details

In the Box

MōVI Wheels (1 axis)

  • MōVI Wheel Module (1)
  • Quick Release 25mm Post
  • 1/4-20 Socket Head Cap Screw (2)
  • CAN Cable (250mm)
  • MōVI Controller to Wheel UART Cable (500mm)
  • MIMIC to Wheel UART Cable (300mm)
  • USB A to USB C Cable (1m)
  • USB C to USB C Cable (1m)

MōVI Wheels (2 axis)

  • MōVI Wheel Module (2)
  • Cheeseplate with MōVI Controller Mount Bracket
  • Quick Release 25mm Post (2)
  • 1/4-20 Socket Head Cap Screw (4)
  • CAN Cable (250mm)
  • MōVI Controller to Wheel UART Cable (500mm)
  • MIMIC to Wheel UART Cable (300mm)
  • USB A to USB C Cable (1m)
  • USB C to USB C Cable (1m)
  • 5/32" Driver
  • 3/16" Driver

MōVI Wheels (3 axis)

Includes all items listed for MōVI Wheels (1 axis) and MōVI Wheels (2 axis).


Software to support MIMIC compatibility and control of the roll axis is available in the Blackjack 2.0 firmware release. All necessary hardware will be included with your order.


  • Long range wireless control
  • High speed plug n play CAN network
  • Break single wheel off, or setup with multiple for complex system
  • Compatible with entire Freefly Ecosystem (Requires Movi Controller, or MIMIC)
  • Robust machined enclosures
  • Versatile and adjustable mounting options
    • 25mm tool less adjustable mounting post
    • Integrated Rosette mounting option
  • Wheel position can be fine tuned for user preference
  • Friction lock allows user to define wheel friction / lock out wheel
  • CAN
  • USB C
  • UART (5V)
  • Speed Knob
  • Pause Button
  • CAN (12v)
  • USB C
  • UART
  • Tri color LED
  • 16 bit magnetic encoder is robust, precise, and compact
  • Daisy chain up to 9 modules (including pilot modules)
  • Tuned to optimally control MōVI product line
  • User updatable firmware via internal mass storage drive
  • Quickly control wheel direction, gearing, or kill wheel
  • Designed for minimum latency
  • Absolute position control of MōVI pointing
  • Easily assign any wheel to any axis regardless of its connection
  • Mix wheels and pilot modules for maximum flexibility
Compatible with
  • Mimic
  • MōVI Controller (Requires MōVI Controller firmware version 3.7.0 or later)
  • Pilot
  • MōVI Pro
  • MōVI XL
  • MōVI Carbon
  • M5 / M10 / M15

Complete your Setup

  • Cutout Stainless Steel Wheel

    Cutout Stainless Steel Wheel


    Optional cutout stainless steel wheels offer a stylized look and lighter carry weight

  • Brass Wheel

    Brass Wheel


    Optional Brass wheels for increased inertia and optimal precision and performance.

  • MōVI Controller to Wheel Cable

    MōVI Controller to Wheel Cable


    Durable overmolded cable, used to connect MōVI Wheels to MōVI Controller (included with every MōVI Wheels module or...

  • Quick Release 25mm post

    Quick Release 25mm post


    Bobbins are used to mount the wheels and MōVI Controller to the included cheeseplate, tripods, or anywhere with...

  • Wheel to MIMIC Cable

    Wheel to MIMIC Cable


    Durable overmolded cable, used to connect MIMIC to MōVI Wheels. Connector A: 6 pin Molex Microfit  Connector B: Locking GH...


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