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MōVI Carbon Weekly Rental

Starting at $3,500.00

SKU: 950-00074-Rental

MōVI Carbon Weekly Rental

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MōVI Carbon is the world's first handheld and drone-mountable 5-axis camera stabilizer. We’ve miniaturized, optimized, and cut every gram of weight of our 5-axis design so you can shoot in the world's most interesting places. MōVI Carbon features two high-bandwidth inner axes which keep the camera perfectly stable in even the most demanding conditions at a full 240mm zoom.

MōVI Carbon weighs in at just under 20lbs, fully ready to shoot with integrated FIZ, a Panasonic GH5S, and a customized Fujinon XK 20-120mm lens (~40-240mm effective focal length). The Panasonic GH5S captures 10bit 4K footage at a up to 60P on internal solid state cards and the Fujinon 20-120 lens creates sharp, vivid images.

Utilizing the Toad in the Hole, MōVI Carbon can be mounted to the included MōVI Ring Pro, or to optional ALTA 8, TERO, as well as 3rd party vehicle mount equipped with a Toad.*

If you aren't ready to commit to owning Carbon yet, or have a special job that Carbon would be perfect for, you can rent it from Freefly for a week for $3,500** (plus shipping fees, to be calculated and collected prior to shipment***).

You’ll receive a ready-to-go kit including the gear listed below, for one week week (7 days in hand). You just need to supply the operators, media for the GH5-S  (UHS-II SD for recording 4k) and proof of an existing insurance policy. It will take 5-7 business days to process your request and verify insurance****, before we can ship.

Includes (No substitutions or custom kit orders):

  • MōVI Carbon
    • Panasonic GH5S
    • Fujinon XK 20-120mm
    • 2x MōVI Pro Battery
    • 2x MōVI Pro Battery Charger
    • MōVI Controller Receiver RP-SMA (Pre-installed)
    • 2.0mm Driver
    • 2.5mm Driver
    • Aux UART to FRX Cable
    • MōVI Ring Pro
  • 6 additional MōVI Pro batteries (for a total of 8)
  • Schneider Compact ND Kit 114mm (ND 0.6/0.9/1.2)
  • Schneider 4.5" Round Clear Ultraviolet
  • MōVI Controller
    • Wireless video system (transmitter and receiver)
    • 7" Monitor
    • 2x V-Mount Batteries and charger
    • Applicable cables, mounts
    • Quick-Release driver (7/32nds)
  • MōVI Pro Landing Gear
  • MōVI Carbon Travel Case
  • Freefly Pilot



  • Total Weight with two batteries: 19.2lbs
  • Total Weight without batteries: 17.8lbs
  • MōVI Carbon Dimensions: 410 x 345 x 425mm (L*W*H)


* ALTA 8, TERO, Vehicle Mount & Toad, sold separately.

** Introductory pricing only. Weekly rental price will increase in the future.

*** International shipping may require custom/duties fees to be paid by customer, at the time of import. These costs are not calculated or collected by Freefly.

**** We will independently verify your insurance policy with the carrier.

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