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Product Details

We designed Wave to be the most efficient high speed camera. It’s small, light, and insanely fast. Click on the links above to read all about the specs and features! We'll be adding more details and information as it becomes available.

We currently have one accessories available for Wave to help you put it to work:

  • Mōvi Pro Wave Remote Control Cable - Allows operator to start/stop recording from the Freefly ecosystem of control (Mōvi Controller, MIMIC, Pilot, etc) when mounted on Mōvi Pro.

There are two options for Wave that can be reserved right now: 

  • Wave with 1TB SDD - $9,995
  • Wave with 2TB SSD - $10,995

    Shipping Timeline

    We want to be ultra clear on our strategy and timeline to bring Wave to market so that you can make an informed decision. This is Freefly’s first camera and we will undoubtedly run into a few bumps along the road from today to shipping product and though our first 100 cameras.

    If you have an order in already, we'll keep you up to date with any exciting news as we get closer to shipping your order. 

    We've sold through the first 100 cameras! From here until we finish shipping the first three batches of Wave cameras, we'll be collecting $0 reservations instead of payments.

    At this time, we expect to be done shipping initial Wave orders in late March of 2021. Around that time, we'll start reaching out to reservation holders to communicate an expected ship date range and the option to turn the reservation into a paid order.

    We do not recommend that you book jobs based on expected ship dates on pre-ordered equipment! 

    Batch 1

    • 20 Units (sold out)
    • Shipping starts 11/18/2020

    Batch 2

    • 30 Units (sold out)
    • Shipping starts 12/1/2020

    Batch 3

    • 50 units (sold out)
    • Shipping starts 2/15/2021

    Batch 4 and beyond

    • Expected to start shipping Q2, 2021

    Rental Units

    We will be setting aside 5-10 units for rental units for customers in the US. These will be available primarily to enable users to test Wave for their application prior to purchase. Rental units and more details about rental terms will be available soon!


    Wave has a 100% warranty and we will be holding back extra units to make sure early customers are supported 100%. If your Wave goes down due to a manufacturing issue, we will ship out a replacement unit the same day.

    • Qty 1 Wave Camera (with 1 or 2TB SSD)
    • Qty 1 Battery Charger (US plug but capable of 110/220V)
    • Qty 1 USB A-C cable
    • Qty 1 3.0mm hex drive (straight tip)
    • Qty 1 Travel Case

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