LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload
LR1 Payload

LR1 Payload

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$7,495.00 | Sku: 950-00147

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Product Details

The LR1 Payload is well suited for high-resolution mapping and imaging missions with the Freefly Astro. 

The LR1 Payload natively mounts to your Astro with the Freefly Smart Dovetail system.* This connection provides power and data communication from the camera to the the ground station controller (and LTE network) for camera controls (camera settings and shutter), gimbal control (tilt), and image preview. 

The payload is adjustable and expandable, and supports multiple lenses and for different applications, as well as expansion ports for add-on cameras, sensors, and power out. 

Each LR1 Payload includes a Freefly gimbal with a pre-installed 61MP Sony ILX-LR1, a 24mm lens, a USB drive to capture geo-tagged images, and a travel case with a custom foam insert. 


  • The payload is tuned to work best on Astro with the Astro Isolator.
  • The LR1 Payload is not available without the camera/lens, nor is it practical or advised to disassemble the payload to use the camera for other purposes. 
  • This payload is DIU Blue approved. 
  • Operation of add-on modules attached to the LR1 require appropriate counterweight. 

*If you are buying this for an Astro you already have, and it doesn't have the Astro Isolator, you will need to purchase one in order to mount it to your Astro

  • Ships in rugged travel case with room for 2 additional lenses
  • Freefly Gimbal with Smart Dovetail Quick-Release

  • Sony Sony ILX-LR1 camera body installed in gimbal (61 megapixel resolution)

  • Sigma 24mm f3.5 mapping lens (p/n 404965)

  • Lightweight at only 970g / 34.2oz
  • Camera and gimbal control from pilot controller (not included with payload, Pilot Pro controller ships with Astro)

  • Typical Astro flights with Mapping Payload are 28-34 minutes (depending on speed / conditions / lens), per pair of batteries

  • Three expansion ports for additional cameras/sensors/power


Payload is designed and assembled in USA. NDAA and DIU Blue approved.

  • Qty 1 - Travel Case
    • Qty 1 - Freefly Mapping Gimbal
    • Qty 1 - Sony ILX-LR1 camera (pre-installed in gimbal)
    • Qty 1 - Sigma 24mm f3.5 mapping lens (p/n 404965)

    • Qty 1 - USB-C thumb drive


*The LR1 Laser Range Finder Upgrade (910-00841) and LR1 Thermal Upgrade (910-00840) are modules for the LR1 Payload and cannot be used on Astro without the LR1. Use of both Thermal and LRF modules at the same time will require a specific combined payload counterweight, sold separately.  

from $7,495.00

SKU: 950-00147

Optional Items

Astro Isolator

Vibration isolator with Smart Dovetail for Astro payloads.

This isolator is required for operation on Astro and is not otherwise included with payload if removed now.

LR1 Thermal Upgrade

Thermal module add-on for LR1

LR1 Laser Range Finder Upgrade

100m Range Finder add-on for LR1

Thermal + LRF Counterweight

For balancing LR1 with both Thermal and LRF

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