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MōVI Carbon Reservation

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MōVI Carbon Reservation

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MōVI Carbon is the world's first handheld / drone mountable 5-axis camera stabilizer.  MōVI Carbon features 2 inner axes which keep the camera perfectly stable in even the most demanding conditions at a full 240mm zoom.

MōVI Carbon comes with an a7S II and Sony 24-240mm lens integrated into the gimbal. Freefly has miniaturized, optimized, and cut every gram of weight of our 5-axis design so that you can get it into the world's most interesting places. MōVI Carbon will enable shots that the world has never seen.

Specs are preliminary and subject to change

Final pricing has not been determined but is expected to be under 30,000.00 USD for the complete package:

  • MoVI Carbon
  • A7s II and Sony 24-240mm

Units will ship in the order reservations are received


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MōVI Carbon Reservation

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