Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray
Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray

Ember S5K (4TB) - Gray

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$17,995.00 | Sku: 950-00114

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Product Details

We designed Ember to be the most efficient high speed camera ever. It’s small, light, and insanely fun to use. Ember is unique in that it can record continuous high speed footage with no ram based clip limit since it records directly to a 4TB internal SSD.*

Shooting high speed is now just like shooting anything else, push record to start and stop, and Ember captures everything to solid state memory - as simple... as that.

The Ember app for iOS means you can go from capture to sharing in seconds.

  • Check out these (untreated) sample clips shot with Ember.
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  • 5K max resolution at 600fps
  • 4K 800fps
  • Gpixel sensor
  • Fast iOS based app workflow
  • Apple ProRes Codec
  • Global Shutter
  • Wireless Control
  • USB 3.2 Type C

*Actual formatted data capacity is 3980GB

  • S35 Gpixel Sensor
  • 4K and 5K recording mode
  • Capture time (max)
    • 5120 x 2880, 600fps - 36min
    • 4096 x 2160, 800fps - 45min
  • Actual formatted data capacity - 3980GB
  • 10bit Apple ProRes Codec
  • Weight (with E-Mount): 820 g / 1.81 lbs
  • Dimensions (with E-Mount) 100 mm x 104 mm x 86 mm (WHD), 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.86" (WHD)
  • Full specs here
  • Qty 1 - Ember S5K camera body (4TB internal SSD) - Gray body
    • We no long have green camera bodies.
  • Qty 1 - Locking E-Mount (non-electronic, pre-installed)
  • Qty 1 - Rear accessory mount stand-offs (pair)
  • Qty 1 - USB C-C 3.0 Cable
  • Qty 1 - D-Tap-Ember Power Cable
  • Qty 8 - M3 x 10mm SHCS fasteners for accessory mounts

Not Compatible

  • Sony G or GM lenses, or any E-mount lens with AF, as they require a powered lens mount to operate

from $17,995.00

SKU: 950-00114

NATO Accessories

These accessories give you expansive options for mounting accessories to your Ember


62mm (910-00714) NATO Rail

Recommended quantity: 1



90mm (910-00716) NATO Rail

Recommended quantity: 1



NATO Rail Clamp

Recommended quantity: 1

Provides two mounting points for our Adjustable Accessory Mounts

NATO Side Handle

Recommended quantity: 1

Adjustable, reversible wood handle with 1/4 20 mount on top

Mounting Devices

Options for mounting monitors and mobile devices.

Adjustable Accessory Mount

Recommended quantity: 2

Tool-less adjustments 1/4 20 accessories, works with NATO Clamp or Ember

Dual Monitor Height Booster

Recommended quantity: 1

Gives you more clearance when using a monitor and plus sized phone on Ember

Moment Multi Threaded Mount for MagSafe®

Recommended quantity: 1

MagSafe® that mounts to the Adjustable Accessory Mount to hold MagSafe® compatible phones on Ember

Phone Clamp Mount

Robust phone mount with 1/4 20 mount points and holes for ARRI anti-rotate pins, fits all size phones

Tablet Clamp Mount

Robust iPad mount with holes for ARRI anti-rotate pins, fits all size iPads

NATO Monitor Phone Combo Bracket

L-Bracket for mounting your phone next to your monitor on our Adjustable Accesory Mount or any 1/4 20 mount


Ember Cheese Plate

Recommended quantity: 1

Rear accessory mount for Ember, perfect for V-lock plates

FXLION Nano V-Mount

Recommended quantity: 1

Ultra compact V-Mount plate with D-Tap output, mounts to Ember Cheese Plate

FXLION Nano One 14.8V 3.4Ah/50Wh

Recommended quantity: 2

Super lightweight V-mount battery providing about 50 minutes of capture time on Ember S5K

Data & Control

USB C to USB C 3.0 Cable (1 m)

Recommended quantity: 1

Spare USB C-C 3.0 cable for data transfer

Mōvi Pro Wave / Ember Remote Control Cable

Recommended quantity: 1

Trigger start/stop record from on Mōvi Pro or use to build a custom trigger cable

PL Lens Mount from KipperTie

Revolva FE/PL

Replaces the native locking E-mount with a PL mount that accepts rear drop-in Revolva filter cartridges

Revolva Cartridge S ND 0, 0.6, 1.2, 2.1

Drop in ND filter for Revolva Lens Mounts

Adapta FE/PL-LW

Lightweight PL lens mount adapter for Ember

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