Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)
Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)

Ember Lens Mount (Active EF)

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Product Details

For the first time with Ember S5K, you can control many EF lens electronics through the Ember, Ember App for iOS/macOS or Ember API (coming soon).

This mount is available with Ember S5K and Ember S2.5K, but you can also upgrade your existing Ember S5K that shipped with a passive, locking universal mount. 

What Ember cameras does this work with? 

  • Ember S5K (manufactured in 2024+)
    • Customers can install the active EF lens mount in the field and update firmware for active lens control with EF lenses.
  • Ember S5K (manufactured in 2023)
    • Most of these earlier cameras will need to come back to Freefly to have an internal component upgraded. The internal upgrade costs are covered by Freefly, you just need to pay for the EF mount and shipping costs.
    • If you want to install the mount yourself without the upgraded internals, there will be no electronic lens control. Contact Freefly Support (support@freeflysystems.com) for a custom order if you want to pursue this option. 
  • Ember S2.5K (2024+)
    • These cameras ship with the active EF mount. This mount can be purchased as spare or replacements for any S2.5K camera. 

To determine if your Ember S5K needs to be upgraded before you can use the Active EF mount, click the button above to check your hardware version by entering your serial number. You'll see an option to request a service if needed, or an option to add the mount to your cart for purchase. 

  • Size, protrusion from body: 33mm
  • Lens Functions
    • Compatible with EF Mount Lenses
    • Control over focus and iris through Ember camera interface and app
  • Ember S5K with compatible internal components (Older S5K cameras may require upgrade service at Freefly)
  • EF mount lenses
    • Mechanically, any lenses with EF mount, with or without electronic internals
    • Electronically, compatible lens can be controlled (iris/focus) by Ember through camera and iOS/macOS app, but will not auto-focus

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