Wired Control Kit
Wired Control Kit
Wired Control Kit
Wired Control Kit
Wired Control Kit

Wired Control Kit

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$220.00 | Sku: 910-00317

Limited inventory, while supplies last! 

Product Details

If you are operating your Mōvi (M5, M10, M15, Mōvi Pro, Mōvi XL or Mōvi XL) and Mōvi Controller in an RF rich environment and need the stability and security of a wired control connection, look no further. Mounting a Mōvi on a crane or jib in an arena? Running a Mōvi on a Black Arm, chasing a motorcycle down the road? We have you covered!

This kit includes the cables that will connect a Mōvi Controller through the included Mōvi Controller RP-SMA Receiver. We have included both 50’/15.25m and a 100’/30.5m cable, depending on your application. The shorter cable is thinner and more flexible, but the longer cable is thicker and more durable.

To see how to install the kit, check out this video or read the manual.


  • 50’/15.25m Control Cable
  • 100’/30.5m Control Cable
  • SMA to RP-SMA adapter
  • Mōvi Controller Receiver (SMA)
  • DC Blocker
  • Data Cables for the Mōvi M5/M10/M15/Mōvi Pro/Mōvi XL
  • Dual Lock Tape
  • Zip ties

*We no longer have the Mōvi Controller Receiver that is required for this to work. If you have one already, or can find one, this kit will work for you! 

  • Freefly Mōvi Controller
  • 2.4 GHz FRX Receiver* (discontinued)
    • Mōvi Pro
    • Mōvi XL
    • Mōvi Carbon
    • Mōvi M5/M10/M15

Not compatible with: 

  • FRX Pro 900 MHz

*Not included in this kit and not available for sale from Freefly.

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