Mōvi Carbon Checkup
Mōvi Carbon Checkup
Mōvi Carbon Checkup

Mōvi Carbon Checkup

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From $4,000.00 | Sku: PRODUCT-CHECK-CARBON

Product Details

We recognize that our users put Freefly gear into a wide variety of demanding situations and count on their equipment to perform reliably. Freefly recommends that users send their equipment back on the following intervals for a checkup to ensure optimal long-term performance and reliability.

We recommend that your Mōvi Carbon be serviced once a year or every 250 operational hours, whichever is sooner. 

Freefly will inspect your Mōvi Carbon with specific emphasis on:

  • Wear / fatigue items
  • Updated / improved / revised components
  • Confirm performance thresholds:
    • Motors
    • Sensors

The service will include:

  • Critical point hardware inspection, remove and replace roll beam bolts
  • Service bulletin and firmware updates
  • Clean and replace any critical failure fasteners
  • Clean the camera sensor and exterior lens elements

Do not ship your Mōvi to Freefly before being issued an RA by Support!

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