Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit
Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit
Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit
Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit
Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit
Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit
Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit

Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit

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This is your Alta X DIU Blue starter kit. Get your work done with this DIU and NDAA approved Alta X! 

Product Details

Alta X is Freefly's heavy-lift flagship drone platform, ready to tackle your biggest cinema jobs. 

Freefly understands the need for quality tools. For more than 10 years Freefly aircraft have carried cinema cameras for Hollywood and high-end productions around the world. Alta X carries on that tradition. 

What makes this Alta X special?

  • It features a US-made PX4 Blue Cube.
  • The Blue Cube is equipped with firmware that permanently disables WiFi to comply with DIU Blue requirements and can only have Blue qualified firmware installed in the field. 
  • This Alta X, as it ships with the UXV Controller, is certified Blue by DIU. For more information about Alta X and Blue sUAS 2.0, check out their website here, and the approval press release here.

The Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit ships with what you need to get started with building out your DIU approved Alta X:


Alta X (DIU Blue Package) - 950-00113-Blue

  • This build of Alta X is ideal for heavy-lift multi-rotor applications where a DIU approved drone is required for operation. 
  • Ships in the Alta X Travel Case
  • Ships with UXV Tablet Controller with pre-installed flight software specific to Alta X (Alta QGC) and RFD900 radio modules
  • This Alta configuration doesn't typically ship with a payload mount, but we've included the a static quick release mount to go with the Cargo Landing Gear in this Essentials Kit

Cargo Landing Gear for Alta X - 910-00620

  • Adaptable landing gear for a variety of payloads
  • Robust, lightweight machined aluminum
  • Toad in the Hole quick-release equipped for attaching to Alta X

Alta X 12S Flight Pack - 16AH 15C (Single Battery) - 910-00688

  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

  • Capacity: 16Ah

  • Voltage: 44.4V

  • Connector: XT90S

  • Max Continuous Discharge: 15C

  • Max Burst Discharge: 30C

  • Max Charge Voltage: 4.2V per cell

  • Minimum Discharge Voltage: 3.0 per cell

  • Dimensions: 224mm x 163mm x 90mm

  • Weight:

    • 4.47kg / 9.85lbs per battery

    • 8.94kg / 19.70lbs per pair

EV Peak U4-Pro Enterprise Drone Charger - 910-00427

  • 110V-240V~11A 50/60Hz

  • Charge power max - 800Wx2

  • Discharge power max - 60Wx2

  • Discharge current - 1,000mAx2

  • Charge current range per channel (10A, 15A, 20A)

  • Balance accuracy - <20mV

  • LiPo battery cell count - 12S

  • Upgrade connectivity - USB Micro

  • Size - 12.25 x 9 x 5.75" (312x228x145mm)

  • Weight - 6.75lbs (3.05kg)

CW & CCW Single Motor Propeller Sets with ActiveBlade (M4 Fasteners) - 910-00703 & 910-00704

  • Direct replacement for prop assemblies for Alta X models with M4 fasteners (all modern Alta X)

  • In our testing ActiveBlade reduced peak vibration levels to 1/5th of their normal level which allows for better flight performance and reliability.

  • Comes with replacement bumpers to aid in stowage orientation


from $39,860.00

SKU: multiple

Alta X DIU Blue Essentials Kit

  • Qty 1 - Alta X Travel Case, including:
    • Qty 1 - Alta X (ready to fly)
  • Qty 1 - UXV Tablet Controller
  • Qty 1 - Cargo Landing Gear with Short Quick Release Mount
  • Qty 6 - Alta X Batteries (3 pairs)
  • Qty 1 - Enterprise Drone Charger
  • Qty 1 each - CW & CCW Single Motor Propeller Set with ActiveBlade

Optional Extras

Payload Vibration Damper

Isolated payload mount for smooth, gimbaled video capture

Alta X Battery

Additional 12S 16AH battery, used in pairs

EV Peak U4-Pro Enterprise Drone Charger

Add additional chargers to reduce charging time

Freefly Armor

Exclusive protecion plan for your Freefly drone

Freefly Armor

Double your factory warranty, pre-pay for an annual check-up and get 10% off training and service.


Alta Training

Alta Training

Learn the basics and advanced skills on the Alta X platform.

From $1,200.00




Drones can be dangerous and proper training will help increase the safety of your operations.

Freefly strongly recommends you complete our manufacturer drone training program to ensure you understand the risks and safe operating practices associated with flying our drones.

If you are a pro, and know what you are doing, carry on and fly safe and be sure to share your work with us!

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