15mm T-Clamp (pair)
15mm T-Clamp (pair)
15mm T-Clamp (pair)
15mm T-Clamp (pair)
15mm T-Clamp (pair)

15mm T-Clamp (pair)

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Product Details

This pair of 15mm T-clamps* can be used to expand the functionality and utility of your Cargo Landing Gear or any other system that utilizes 15mm tubing. 

You just need to provide a 15mm tube (whatever length you need) with these added to each end, to have additional braces or cross bars for your landing gear. 

*Tube and landing gear elements pictured for reference only, not included.

  • Qty 2 - 15mm T-clamps (90° connector)
  • Qty 8 - M2.5 x 6 SHCS
  • Cargo Landing Gear (each Cargo Landing Gear includes two pairs of these clamps)
  • 15mm tubing with un-captured ends

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