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Come learn about Alta from the source, right here at Freefly headquarters in Woodinville, Washington! We’ll teach you safe operating procedures for the Alta line of drones, from setting up your radio and charging batteries to tuning your system and troubleshooting issues.

We have two class options, depending on what your needs are. Both offer a fantastic instructor to student ratio (max 3 students to 1 instructor) for both classroom and flying field time and the option to use your own Alta, or one of ours (refundable deposit may apply if you fly our aircraft during the class).

Note: To get the most out of this training it is recommended to arrive already comfortable with the ability to takeoff and land in manual mode on a small drone. Nose in flight should also be mastered but we can help!

1-day Class

This class is 8 hours long, at Freefly, and includes Ground School and Flight Training. What does that mean?!

Ground School

Before we fly, we have to know the hardware and how to prepare for flight! Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding your Freefly Alta and accessories
  • Radio selection and setup
  • LiPo Battery Selection, charging and safety
  • Synapse/PX4 overview
  • Alta App/QGroundControl
  • Payload planning
  • Pre flight inspections, processes and best practices
  • Deep dive into system tuning and analysis
  • Flight planning and execution
  • Alta maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Data Viewer tutorial

Flight Training
After Ground School, we’ll head out to the field to get some time in the air with Alta. Topic covered in the field will include (you can bring your own Alta, or use one of ours):

  • Preflight
  • Flying!
  • Confirm competent understanding of all controls
  • Confirm pilot is comfortable with basic takeoff and landings
  • Confirm pilot understands available methods to monitor flight pack voltage and when to land
  • Cover emergency situations and how to train for them and respond appropriately
  • Build time after subjects covered

2-day Class

The 2-day class includes everything from the 1-day class but adds an additional flying day. It covers more advanced flying topics, including:

  • Flying with Payloads
  • Basic overview of MoVI camera build for aerial application
  • Demonstrated operational flight envelope limits
  • Complex and precision flight maneuvers (Dual Op) track a subject.
  • Understanding basic airspace concepts (Talk about Part 107)
  • Build time after subjects covered


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Alta Training

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