FRX Pro Pair for Alta X (US)
FRX Pro Pair for Alta X (US)
FRX Pro Pair for Alta X (US)

FRX Pro Pair for Alta X (US)

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$749.95 | Sku: 910-00411

Notice: Currently available pre-installed with Alta X bundle only. View our shipping policies.

Product Details

This FRX Pro is programmed to transmit telemetry data between Alta X and operator ground station for long range communication during waypoint missions.* It is rated for operating ranges of 1500m+ (5000'+)**. 

Without FRX Pro (or a pre-installed FRX Pro added when building your kit), you will not be able to communicate or receive position/telemetry updates from the Alta during waypoint missions. All missions will need to be configured within range of your mobile device, or while plugged into your ground station computer with a USB cable. 

It is not necessary for flight operations that don't involve qGroundControl (manual, altitude or GPS mode flights) when flying with a traditional RC radio.


    *Not interchangeable between FRX Pro shipped for Mōvi Controller use. 

    **Range is dependent on Signal power settings, RF environment, and line of sight 

    • Qty 2 - FRX Pro modules (900mhz)
    • Qty 1 - Right angle antenna (900mhz)
    • Qty 1 - Stubby straight antenna (900mhz)
    • Qty 1 - Adjustable 5dBi Antenna (856-900mhz)
    • Qty 1 - Alta X closeout panel antenna mount
    • Qty 1 - RP-SMA extension cable
    • Qty 1 - Adhesive mount for transmitter
    • Qty 1 - USB C-A cable

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