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SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
SL Power Hub
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SL Power Hub

SL Power Hub

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$695.00 | Sku: 910-00707

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Product Details

The next step in the SL Power Systems line, the SL Power Hub lets you power your whole camera kit or camera cart from one battery.

With three USB-C PD 100W ports, a 14V, 8.5A D-Tap, two full battery voltage 10A Microfit connectors and a full powered XT90 connector, you'll have all the power you need. 

The SL Power Hub has serval mounting points, utilizing our 32mm square mount pattern, so you can mount it wherever you need power from SL batteries (SL4 & SL8). 

Mount this to your camera cart and power your laptop, your phone and other batteries. Connect the bi-directional USB C PD port to shore power (100W USB C power supply) when you have access and charge your SL battery while you power all of your accessories. 

It's designed to be slim and powerful, with a flush XT90 connector providing full battery voltage and CAN bus comms to your connected accessory even when mounted to a flat surface.

Pair the SL Power Hub with the optional Ember XT90 Power Cable and you can power the Ember S5K for over an hour from a single SL4 battery. You can fully operate the camera and charge the battery at the same time while connected to a 100W USB C Power supply. 


  • Robust machined aluminum plate with multiple mounting points
  • USB C PD, D-Tap, Microfit and XT90 power output
  • Ability to charge SL batteries through onboard USB C 
  • Native mounting with Ember S5K (using rear mounts)

*Product specs subject to change during final stages of development. 

  • Power Output
    • Qty 1 - XT90 : unprotected battery voltage* + CANbus communications
    • Qty 1 - D-Tap : regulated 14V, 8.5A
    • Qty 2 - Micro-Fit connectors : 10A limited battery voltage + CANbus communications
    • Qty 3 - USB-C - 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, and 20V/5A**
      • USB-C1 : 100W Power Delivery (PD)  Bi-directional (charging input and power output)*** 
      • USB-C2 : 100W Power Delivery (PD) output only
      • USB-C3 : 100W Power Delivery (PD) output only
  • Physical****
    • Qty 2 - ¼ 20 pass through holes for mounting with flat-top fasteners
    • Qty 6 - M3 recessed pass through holes with 32mm square pattern for mounting (mounts directly to the Ember S5K battery mount)
    • Qty 3 - M3 mount points for mounting the included SL8 Battery Plate Extension Plate

*SL4 or SL8 battery will limit current output per their specs and provide short circuit and over-voltage protection.
**Maximum overall power output is dictated by battery current limits.

***Supplying external 100W USB power will charge the battery while running a typical camera plus screen setup.

****Product specs subject to change during final stages of development. 

  • Qty 1 - SL Power Hub
  • Qty 1 - SL8 Extension Plate
  • Qty 2 - ¼ 20 x 7/8" FHCS
  • Qty 3 - M3 x 8 BHCS
  • Qty 4 - M3 x 18 SHCS

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