MōVI Controller

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MōVI Controller

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The MōVI Controller is a professional grade remote system that allows the operator full control over Pan, Tilt, and Roll. Compatible with the MōVI M5, M10, M15, MōVI Pro & MōVI XL this controller provides telemetry from the MōVI and allows the user to access MōVI configuration menus to enable on the fly adjustment of key MōVI parameters. The MōVI Controller also simplifies the remote control station by providing power for an LCD monitor and wireless video system. One single battery on the MōVI Controller will power your controller, Monitor, wireless video system, and additional 5 or 12v accessories. Additionally the MōVI Controller offers control of Focus, Iris, and Zoom motors with the Freefly WEDGE 3-axis lens control system. Please note that firmware version 3.08 is required for the MōVI Controller. The latest firmware is always available here.


  • MōVI Controller
  • MōVI Controller Receiver
  • USB A-A Cable
  • Focus Knob Label Ring
  • Neck Strap
  • Spare Receiver Mounting Tape
  • Controller Aux Power Cable (for powering 2.1 barrel accessories like monitors)
  • MōVI Controller Receiver Cables for M10 and M5/M15
  • MōVI Pro / XL COM to MōVI Controller Receiver Cable
  • IDX P-VS2 V-Mount Battery Plate with Power Cable
  • Monitor Mount (Quick Release Plug 13mm)
  • Tripod Mount
  • Foam designed for Pelican 1500 cases


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MōVI Controller

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