Freefly Test Drive

Test Drive is a program that allows you to try Freefly gear at a rental rate. If you like it and want to keep it, you simply pay the difference and we deduct the rental rate from the price. If not you ship it back to us and carry on with your unstabilized life…

Ready to get started?

Dead Simple Test Drive

Giving the MōVI Pro a trial run is really pretty easy. Order, test, then keep or return.

Increased Efficiency

Test Drive is a great way to understand the increased efficiency and creativity that the Freefly gear will bring to your productions. We have integrated and refined the handheld stabilizer workflow to keep you focused on nailing shots, not tweaking and tuning.

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Hurlbut in Action with MōVI Pro

We were shocked at NAB at how many people had not been hands on with MōVI Pro. We are confident that one week with MōVI Pro will change the way you think about moving the camera. Check out Shane Hurlbut’s presentation from NAB here about how he can be more creative and efficient than ever before by leveraging MōVI Pro’s unique talents.