Extra Movi Counterweights

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Extra Movi Counterweights

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Balance and tuning are key to ensuring Movi’s best performance! Tuning is adjusted in the Movi app, but balance is achieved by physical adjustment.

In some cases, achieving balance can mean adding additional weight to one or more axis. This kit will expand your build options and help you balance the weight of certain accessories and phones.

If you’re using external lenses (like Moment), you’ll definitely need the Movi Adjustable Counterweight. However, if you’re also using filters with your lenses, or are getting creative with your Movi build, you may need these extra weights.


  • 3 sizes for maximum adjustability and build options
  • Can be used with Movi Adjustable Counterweight for any phone with accessory lenses and filters


  • 2x Large Weights (78g)
  • 2x Medium Weights (50g)
  • 2x Small Weights (20g)
  • 2x M3x14 SCHS Screws (for stacking weights or installing for roll balancing)*
  • 2x M3x30 SCHS Screws (for stacking weights)*

* 2.5mm hex driver not included


  • Weights: Stainless Steel 316


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Extra Movi Counterweights

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