MōVI Pro Velocity Kit

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MōVI Pro Velocity Kit

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The Velocity Kit was developed to help you aerodynamically balance your MōVI Pro, for increased performance in high-speed applications.

If you are operating the MōVI Pro mounted to a vehicle, or are otherwise exposing the MōVI to side drag (shooting perpendicular to direction of travel), the side profile of the MōVI Pro needs to be aerodynamically balanced such that the surface area in front of and behind the pan motor are equal.

Once you determine which end of the MōVI has more surface area, install the Velocity kit on the opposite side and tune the kit to achieve a low pan motor current at high speed. The adjustable fins allow you to tune how much additional drag you add to the system. A balanced MōVI is a happy MōVI!

  • If the Velocity Kit is installed properly, the MōVI Pro pan motor should not lose hold at high speeds.
  • See MōVI Pro Velocity Kit instructions
  • See it in action


  • Carbon "T" adapter plate (multiple mounting options)
  • 25mm clamp (for mounting on landing gear or pan tubes)
  • 3-fin adjustable carbon fan (tool-less adjustment)

*Not all camera/lens packages will benefit from the Velocity Kit during use at high speeds.


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MōVI Pro Velocity Kit

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