Mapping Payload Deposit
Mapping Payload Deposit
Mapping Payload Deposit
Mapping Payload Deposit
Mapping Payload Deposit
Mapping Payload Deposit
Mapping Payload Deposit

Mapping Payload Deposit

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$500.00 | Sku: 950-00109-D5

Designed and assembled in the USA. Eligible for free domestic shipping!

Make high resolution maps with Astro and 61 megapixel Sony camera. Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Product Details

Each Mapping Payload includes a Freefly Mapping Gimbal, 61MP Sony Alpha 7R IV, 24mm lens, a USB drive to capture geo-tagged images and a foam insert that nests under the Astro in the Astro travel case.

The Mapping Gimbal natively mounts to your Astro with the Freefly Smart Dovetail system. This connection provides power and data communication from the camera to the the ground station controller (and optional LTE network) for camera controls (camera settings and shutter), gimbal control (tilt), and image preview. 

We're collecting credit card deposits for Mapping Payloads based for what we can build for the next several months. When we are close to shipping your order (2-3 weeks ahead of shipping), we'll email you with a link to purchase at full price ($5,995), and refund your initial deposit. 


  • This payload specifically optimized for mapping with Astro.
  • The Mapping Payload is not available without the camera/lens, nor is it practical or advised to disassemble the payload to use the camera for other purposes. 
  • If you purchased an Astro Base before 2/1/2022 and want to purchase a Mapping Payload, please reach out to Freefly Support for assistance. 
  • Mapping Payload
    • Freefly Mapping Gimbal
    • Sony Alpha 7R IV camera body (61 megapixel resolution)
    • Sigma 35mm f3.5 mapping lens (p/n 404965)
    • Camera and gimbal control from Herelink pilot controller (Herelink sold separately, included with Astro Base)
    • Typical Astro flights with Mapping Payload are 25-32 minutes, depending on speed / conditions, per pair of batteries.
  • Ships in box
    • Custom cut foam insert designed for Freefly Astro Travel Case
  • The Freefly Mapping Gimbal is designed and assembled in USA.
  • Qty 1 Mapping Payload
    • Qty 1 - Freefly Mapping Gimbal
    • Qty 1 - Sony Alpha 7R IV 61MP camera body (pre-installed in gimbal)
    • Qty 1 - Sigma 35mm f3.5 mapping lens (p/n: 404965)
    • Qty 1 - USB - C thumb drive and 90˚ adapter
    • Qty 1 - Foam insert set for Astro Travel Case

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