Freefly RTK GPS (Alta X kit)
Freefly RTK GPS (Alta X kit)
Freefly RTK GPS (Alta X kit)
Freefly RTK GPS (Alta X kit)
Freefly RTK GPS (Alta X kit)

Freefly RTK GPS (Alta X kit)

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$1,995.00 | Sku: 910-00436

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Need centimeter-level accuracy for your Alta X? Freefly RTK GPS utilizes Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to enable pin-point location accuracy vertically and horizontally. 

Product Details

RTK technology uses a pair of modules to increase positional accuracy. One module will be installed on your Alta X (Rover), and one will be stationary on the ground, connected to your ground station computer (Ground Station). The Ground Station module sends corrections to the Rover module to enable the high-precision location information. 

This kit comes with everything you need to install the module on the Alta X, a magnetic quick-release mount to install the ground module to your existing tripod, and a 3m USB A-C cable for easy connection to your ground station computer.

You can either have us install it when you order an Alta X (look for it in the pre-built options), you can order and install it yourself on a base Alta X model, or you can install it yourself if you already have an Alta X without RTK.


  • For RTK to function, you must use Alta Ground Control (on a ground station computer) with a long-range radio telemetry link to the Alta X (such as the FRX Pro for Alta X).
  • If the Ground Station module is not active or linked with a long-range radio system, the Alta will have standard GPS accuracy.
  • Early production modules will be 3D printed (MJF) before we switch over to molded parts. This doesn't impact performance or reliability. 
  • If your computer (MacBook Pro, etc) does not have USB A ports, you will need a USB A-C adapter. 
  • Utilizes 2 RTK GPS modules (U-blox ZED-F9P); one for aircraft (“Rover”), the other for ground (“Base Station”)
  • Highest level GPS positional accuracy for Alta X
  • Multiband L1/L2 receiver
  • Includes IST8310 Magnetometer and BMP388 barometer, safety switch/LED and RGB LED
  • Compatible with AltaSW 1.3+, PX4 1.9+
  • Not compatible with Alta 8 Pro, Alta 8 or Alta 6.
  • Qty 2 - RTK GPS modules (U-blox ZED-F9P)
  • Qty 2 - Multi-band RTK GPS antennas
  • Qty 3 - Bolt M3 x 16 SHCS (for mounting module to Alta X)
  • Qty 1 - Magnetic mounting kit with ¼ 20 interface (for tripod, etc) 
  • Qty 1 - USB Right Angle Type C to Type A (3m/9.84’)

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